Our Approach To Real Estate


Our team’s distinction is the qualitative approach we take in providing real estate services.  We evaluate our personal performance not on the volume of business that we conduct, but rather on the quality and breadth of services we provide to our clients.  Our enhanced service program extends far beyond the traditional standards of real estate services in order to maximize each client’s overall experience.



Integrity is our team’s foundational principle.  In our industry, traditional “volume-based” business standards of defining leaders can often direct real estate investors to representatives that do not have their best interests at hand.  The integrity inherent in our team’s business practice ensures that our clients receive the most sound representation during their real estate transactions.


Maggie Newlove has demonstrated innovation and leadership throughout her career in real estate.  Her keen insight into clients’ changing needs has positioned her team at the forefront of an ever-evolving industry.  By offering integrated real estate services that extend far beyond the transactional services related to real estate, Maggie’s team is setting new standards of excellence.


The most important role Maggie’s team undertakes is ensuring that clients are making sound financial investments through their real estate transactions.  Whether the team is representing a first time buyer or seasoned investor, careful analysis is conducted by the team to ensure that each real estate transaction is conducted in the best interest of the client’s short and long term investment goals.